Artist Profile: T-Mech

Born 6 February ’89 Thulo Monyake, popularily known as T-Mech has been in the industry since junior high at Machabeng College, Lesotho 2001.

His first regular appearance on commercial radio came after recording a radio jingle for then presenter Queen of Denver on his PC (People’s Choice) radio in 2003.

To date, T-Mech has worked with a large selection of names and entertainment production houses ranging from LRF, Hipnotica, Sotho Hop, D2amajoe, Ts’epo Ts’ola, Maleh, Kommanda Obbs, Emcee Conundrum, Ifani, TTP and many more.

T-Mech goes by a variety of other names such as Lemekoane, Jus Milky, Isthamista to name a few as well.

Thulo Monyake also has an Audio Engineering qualification from SAE Institute in Cape Town, South Africa which he obtained in 2010.

Founder of Hip Hop group named Magic In Progress (MIP), he is larger responsible for the sudden boom of growth in hip hop listenership in Lesotho and seen as a pioneer of Lesotho Hip Hop in general through the creation of Basali All Star Remix featuring a handful of Lesotho’s top tier rappers.

Entrepreneur (owner of MIP Studios) and founder of Basali Basali clothing works closely with social development outfits Tlama Thata, AGG and The Hub Morija.