Artist Profile : BlaQbeatz

Ayanda ‘Revelation Benedict’ Khuse Born on the 29th of March 1997 in a small town in the Free State named Virginia.

A multi-talented versatile South African producer & co-founder of Who Else ZA a creative agency founded in Virginia that explores the arts and music production in a storytelling manner.

Who Else ZA tries to communicate a story of how money damaged the black South African black family dynamic changed because of the struggle to get money and provide for there families this ended up them being broke or them being broken.

When in studio or making consistent chart topping hits he goes by his producer alias BlaQbeatz.
Mostly known for his international & impeccable quality of hard hitting Atlanta trap & African sounds including his note worthy production skills.

BlaQBeatz is from a proud Xhosa heritage and has strong ancestral belief which he belief’s guides him through his never ending spiritually journey of self-discover.

He discovered his love & fascination for music at the tender age of eight years-old fiddling around with his father’s Hi-Fi stereo & at the age of fourteen year-old he ventured into production after been introduced to production by the likes of Dr Dre, Lex Luger, Timberland &
the legendary Mandla Spikiri.

In his first year of high school, BlaQBeatz began to produce beats using one of the DAW software programmes known as Fruity Loops focusing heavily on his hard hitting 808’s, articulation of harmonies in his melodies & African sounds. His new wave trap sound is mostly influenced by the likes of Metro Booming, Wondergurl, 40 (Who produces for Drake), Murda Beatz,
Martin Sky, Zay Toven, Mike Will Made It and most of the Atlanta based producers.

Towards mid-2017, BlaQBeatz worked with one of the emerging local artists Osiiiris. They both worked on an EP titled “The BlaQ in Osiiiris” & also produced the single of P-$tash a Virginia based native and long-time friend and collaborator titled “Dream”.

BlaQBeatz is currently studying sound engineering in Bloemfontein and busy working on his upcoming beat tapes ( instrumental project ) , a project with welkom based vocalist KND & a vocal project ( tape ) of which the release date is yet to be confirmed.

He also plans to release more content through his co-founded creative agency Who Else ZA and has future plans to expand the brand and business with his business partner and manager Peter Scars.